The image of never and ever in high light

I was considering black holes and their interaction. I would suspect that when one enveloped another that a rather odd thing would happen. It would seem that position and time of action would be obfuscated by the interaction. I would expect cosmic ray effects but they would neither have a proper temporal or directional correlation. The event horizon would be disturbed and in the process a chaotic horizon would exist for a brief period of time, however that is the time inside the action. Outside and about the rotating and chaotic event horizon, it would exhibit its effect in any direction along the boundaries and be temporally delayed as well.

It would seem that under certain circumstances there would be another type of object which could have an unusual event horizon that would be similar to a "Star Gate". I am quite certain that it would not be something that one would simply jump into and arrive at some joined space intact, but it would have some unique properties where local experienced time was different than the time along another path.

It would be somewhat similar to entering hibernation and exiting at one's destination without internal elapsed time. It would not be simultaneous with the universe any more than "life" at the event horizon is concurrent. It would however allow a different temporal framework of life which would be similar to time lapse existence.

I suppose I could do an artists rendition of how I suppose it would be structured, but n-dimensional space does not project much information in 2 space.

I suppose the effect would be the delivery of information intact without the accompanying decay. It would still be delayed with respect to the rest of the universe, but it would "jump" entropy. An interesting idea and perhaps it will lead me to some new gravity technology which can be applied without destroying the solar system.

It is an interesting thought and in some ways an object caught in this n-space would be perceived as immortal in passing. I am wondering about the Eye of Horus and the Eye of Time. It would be an interesting way to jump to the future, but highly unlikely that it would act in the opposite direction.

There is another effect which operates in the opposite direction with respect to time and I am much confused by anti-time, though I know it exists, I can't seem to imagine how it operates. It would not allow cause before effect, but it does allow observation of effect before local cause. Very odd. In that vast framework of possibility which is the universe, I can imagine some very strange things which may already exist as we are very late by billions of years arriving at this party. I hope I can get a drink of anti-time before last call.

There are further twists to this and they are just downright spooky. Perhaps I am the first Time Lord in this region of space?

Artist's rendition of the Werecats spinning the high light as the Evergate links 12 billion years to Waterstar.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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