The energy of stillness

I have wondered about refrigeration as it gives me a funny feeling that something more is going on that has not been systematized and modeled. In general it is the addition of energy to a system to extract energy. It isn't difficult for me to do fill in the blank analysis and calculate the effect precisely on the basis of common theory. On the face of it, it is a process designed to separate hot from cold and in the same way the evaporative cooling of the air is another convolved process. From the theory it is not convolved at all, but I suspect that a hand wave has disposed of some aspects due to their confusing complexity. It was Maxwell that considered the daemon of matter and motion in recent times, but it is an idea which has been considered at other times. It has no real application AFAIK except in some odd niches of nature.

So a molecule is pushed closer together by mechanical force which would be generally equal to the amount of force applied. As a consequence it has a higher Ek (mv+) and will interact to equalize that abundance with whatever it encounters. So work has been done upon the general environment to produce random motion. Subsequently it is allowed to fill the space it has vacated by being compressed and the process of momentum transfer acts in the opposite direction. Since the random action flows in and out from its origin, the same energy would never be recaptured except in a completely closed system. It does however highlight the fact that energy is also relative and it also is not conserved with respect to space. Energy has no requirement that it be applied in any vector or position. There is thus no conservation of position or direction with respect to energy and in fact there is no conservation of its relativity, except within the context of its definition. Perhaps it is the confusion about labeling energy in categories which act somewhat differently, though they share nearly all other aspects. To say that all energy is interchangeable in like form is perhaps too great a generalization. Though they may enter and exit a common node, the path is what I speak of. The angular momentum is actually a composite and is derived by the interaction of two effects and not some unique and perfectly conservative effect. It seems to add confusion to that which is very simple. I would say that the interaction of matter in gravitational singularity would be something very much more convolved than a gyroscope and subject to some effects which at first glance would seem impossible, and yet they can be measured. I always find gyroscopes to be interesting due to the interplay of matter which seems to defy gravity itself.

It would seem that there are other principles and mechanisms at work and that is what I shall consider for the moment. It does apply in general and I have never looked at the technology of electronic coolers, but I suspect it extends this principle into the world of the electron. There is something there that I hope to organize to be useful in ways that the subject does not express as far as it was taught to me in thermodynamics. There is some insight missing that I will attempt to create.

It does have the same properties in reverse as an internal combustion engine and perhaps the same extension to the electron can be made there. I suspect that it is so, but that is to been seen in experiment. An interesting thought to consider whether electrical compression, which is far less subject to dissipation could be considered an electronic gas in a sense. In addition another thought has occurred to me from the generalized principle extended to every other association where energy exists, which of course is everywhere. What a long road it is to infinity even when you skip and jump.

I wonder if this is what they mean by vacuum energy, but any difference in momentum or potential state is a possible source of motion, however for each and every move you make another move you take. I think Sting said that and Sir Isaac Newton copied his song and said for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I may be getting my causal streams crossed though.

Third law: The mutual forces of action and reaction between two bodies are equal, opposite and collinear.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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