Tardigrade ant spiders from Mars

They were the dominant species in the universe and actually had a conserved molecule which was a vector of sorts in many dimensions that was a key to matter and became the DNA for its various personalities. Some called them Gedanken and perhaps it was some of their odd activities.

They created huge clocks and telescopes that were synchronized and scaled perfectly. An interesting thing is that as they were moved to their positions in the universe, they went back in time as viewed from the telescopes and they got smaller as they moved away and the time seemed to have a direct relationship to the square of the distance away. I don't have a good definition for reality, but from a single perspective the universe fades in time and size with distance and who is to say what is real, except that what affects us is what is real in that context.

I suppose you could say that the clocks were traveling back in time, or forward, if they were approaching, but once perceived and remembered it becomes reality for the observer.

It might seem like a silly thing for them to do, but what it investigated and confirmed was something about the dimensionality of space and a characteristic of the high space where the werecats howled and the dark master was king.

There was an article from MIT about liquid solution batteries and it got my attention because I had invented something similar the day before. I like my design better as it does not require electricity to be charged and has a higher charge storage to mass ratio, but then that is what I was trying to create. It would be interesting to see some real technology in vehicles, but it is unlikely to ever happen as it would upset the power structure of the world. I thought it might be interesting if cars had inertial canceling and were made of graphene. It would be an awful lot like having a bumper car that didn't do damage to the occupant. It would certainly reduce the energy required to move stuff around, and reduce the number of people who die at random for the love of stinky poisonous oil. The The Tardis(pants) Tardi(sp)ants ( Tardigrade spider ants ) would certainly travel this way, but they have better uses for carbon.

Perhaps that will answer your question.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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