Relatively absolute at 304 degrees Kelvin

The idea of subjective and objective reality is certainly an aspect of physics, which in itself is just the study of all things in some detail. Without getting into extra dimensions and any heavy mathematical curl and gradient, it is easy to show by a simple observation. The question is whether it is "really" smaller, shorter , slower or in any other way absolutely and measurably different because of it difference in any certain property, such as motion or acceleration .

If I were to have a group of bullet trains running on parallel tracks , each at a different speed and I were to observe the landscape in passing from each of those, the landscape would be blurry to some extent dependent on the speed of the trains as well as the trains being a variable degree of blurriness based on their relative speed as viewed from the ground. So I could say that I measure their property of blurriness differently from every single relationship, including between different trains. There is no objective reality to be had in the situation, because the effect itself is subjective. An object cannot be perceived to be larger or smaller from several different perspectives and have an objective reality which is more than one of that set. The blurriness is not a property of the objects themselves.

The idea that there is no "preferred" frame of reference, implies that there is no such thing as a frame of reference as an object, as it cannot be defined, except within a subjective context. It is a continuum of possible things.

If sound or molecules interact at 1km/sec in liquid and the distance between molecules is 10 nanometers, it seems that the interaction would take place in a time frame of a few pico seconds and even in that would have actions which I presume would take place at a scale a trillion times faster. Recent experiments seem to suggest that even that is only a suggestion as to the complexity of what is beyond that in scale. Given the number of cells and molecules in a body, and the time of flight interaction, it is reasonable to assume that a person is acting as a system which executes 1050 or so physical operations per second as a natural and continuous process. I doubt that mechanically produced analog will ever be a true replacement for such a system, The manufacturing and energy cost is not there. In life, even the smallest energy difference is significant, when life is raised to the infinite power.

There is some objective reality and perhaps there is an objective reality in higher dimensions.

As much as information can serve to help all people, it can also create chaos and as a result be self destructive. It is the utility of knowledge as applied to appropriate vectors. I would say that a direction and a force could symbolize the structure of political power and given the resolved product of vectors and adding additional force would not be in my best interests, unless I were chaos itself. It would seem that power is much like gravity and though it is useful to have order in a systems, it has no limit. When it reaches a certain threshold it collapses always. An analogy could be made to many physical systems, but systems that work well at one scale do not operate at higher and lower levels. Nanotechnology is a good example of that, as well as supposing 100 foot ants. The interaction of parts will destroy the system when it becomes scaled too large. The system is designed to grow upon the limitless greed of the agent and so it will always grow without limit and eventually collapse. Government confines people until they have no freedom of movement, thought, or action at all and then it becomes a neutral clump that collapses under its own weight like a neutron star. I am guessing that Ben Franklin or any number of philosophers have remarked upon this fact, but it falls silent on the ears of the conquering worm. The reason that I mention this is the fact that I could add some more power to the systems simply with my words, however, it would accelerate the collapse and rebirth of a new oligarchy. It is an attribute of the system and I suppose it is just a wobble in the wheel which is designed by the chaos that feeds it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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