Pythonic mail with Magick

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- def createImages(ipath): for named in notify2: newfile=ipath+"/"+named+'.png' if notify2[named]==os.path.getsize(newfile): pass else: print "Updated ping of ",named notify2[named]=os.path.getsize(newfile) mailname='label:'+named mailfile=named+'.png' subprocess.Popen(['/usr/bin/convert', '-background' ,'lightblue', '-fill', 'blue', '-pointsize','72',mailname,mailfile])

I wanted some nice pictures for mail received and used pickle to keep the dictionary, and in this case I am using ImageMagick to create the pngs to display when the corresponding mail arrives. I suppose I could just do some db as SQL management and use the pop servers and do it all myself, but mainly I am just coding for learning's sake.


mirae said...

oh and also I can't buy that something will be shorter in space, it can appear to be shorter perhaps, and again the measuring tool has been acted upon


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Automated Intelligence
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