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It has been shown that there are objects large enough to occlude stars on occasion and it makes me wonder what that leads to. The further away the object , the more likely it is to be occluded and for a longer time. Depending on the emptiness of space between stars is not a good assumption IMHO. It would seem that this space trash in the form of rogue material would disturb calculations and could only be attributed to the "Dark Master Time Lord", oops, I mean dark matter.

It is my opinion that the space between stars teems with life and this is the most sensible place to live. Would it make sense to live next to an uncontrolled nuclear fusion bomb and expect to have a long and prosperous life? Or in the gravity disk of a black hole? In the cool of space superconducting is easy and no gravity wells to deal with except those that are controlled and configured. Not all can be seen in the universe and what remains would likely be the most interesting. I am not sure that they would like to hear from their chaotic and destructive cousins.


mirae said...

HI Paul nice to see you again.
If you lived close to a nuclear fusion bomb, then you would be living so you would be adapted for this. haha and likewise with all your other arguments.haha.

anyway I am not playing I have a serious question for you.I was just hashing over Einstein's theory of relativity and you know I can't believe this idea that time is going to change relative to where you are,time is a measurement and if forces act upon the measurement, like for example if I break a ruler in half and then try to measure something and call it a entire foot anyway

I don't know if these consultations are free or not but we will see.

have a beautiful day and no doubt the most relevant is hidden haha
you cute professor you
I bet you are so cuddly

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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