Visual python FTW

The image is from the Vpython website and there are many useful code samples there to use.

This in conjunction with SciPy and many other Python packages allows experimentation with exactly what I wanted, which was the n-Dimensional wave equations of matter. I am sure that an interpreted language is not the fastest, but the core of the problem can be found and if I need to code it in C++ or C or even __ASM__, then this is what I will do, after it is verified to be structurally correct. Actually you can do physics experiments in blender, but in this case I am searching for an equation that I am certain exists in the nature of matter.

Python tools make the task much easier and perhaps I will be done in a day instead of a week.

In Linux it is as easy as :

sudo apt-get install python-visual error is 0.0599401511889


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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