Bourne again into laziness

There are many examples of visual python as well as wxPython, SciPy and strictly wave physics. After Alice Infinity found what I wanted with her Beautiful Soup, I decided to automate things even further so that I could annotate the result for my benefit as well as AI. The results are in my zim wiki and it is arranged to automatically to use kate editor when clicked , and kate has a shell sub window where they can be tested.

#!/usr/bin/env bash x=1 tf="/home/motey/Notes/QuantumWaves.txt" td="/home/motey/Notes/QuantumWaves/" mkdir $td dat=`date` for i in `ls *.py` do pname=`basename $i` y=${} atd=`echo $td"P"$x$y` atdf=`echo $td"P"$x$y".txt"` # echo $y $x $tf $atd $atdf echo "[[+P"$x$y"]]">>$tf echo "Content-Type: text/x-zim-wiki">$atdf echo "Wiki-Format: zim 0.4">>$atdf echo "Creation-Date: 2011-03-01T18:26:04.844621">>$atdf echo >>$atdf echo "====== "$y" ======">>$atdf echo "Created "$dat>>$atdf echo "[[file://"`pwd`"/"$i"|Program "$x$y"]]">>$atdf x=$((x+1)) done


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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