The compound eyes of a Living light microscopy

Wired reports some new advances in nanoscale light microscopy which seems to be real. I have done no more work with my atomic scale microscope as the time is not right yet. Perhaps this is a clue to help correct some defects in my approach which I assume to be true as to its limitations. My personal research does not prove that I am wrong about the ability to see independent molecular material at atomic scale in living things and perhaps I was hasty to reject my own device , so I will put it back on the research queue to be further investigated when time permits. I am certain that it resolves crystalline structure and had assumed three different ways now that
A. It was not useful for liquid or gas due to molecular velocity.
B. Was only a crystalline effect.
C. It could possibly view living molecular materials cheaply.
I will stop vacillating now and put the idea away until some repeatable characterization can be done.

“We have broken the theoretical limits of optical microscopy in white light,” said engineer Lin Li of the University of Manchester, a co-author of the study. “The surprising thing is the simplicity. One hundred dollars buys you about 100 million microspheres. Using conventional optical microscopes, almost anyone can do this.” The microspheres may allow microscopes to image viruses in action or the insides of living cells. But the technique may not be as simple to use as the study’s authors say.

It may not be simple to use , but it may also be that it can be modified to be simpler as well as more friendly to the materials. What about eyes for a nanobot that travels inside the body?

It also reminds me of something about compound eyes and the ability to see objects smaller than the wavelength of light. I had assumed that this was at least a potential , but had not verified. It would make sense if ants and spiders could "see" chemicals, since gross structure is almost useless on that scale and the neural CPU power does not exist to correlate the information in the way a mammal does.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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