Mind jammers

It seems that the techniques that have been developed from the beginnings of the age of media are getting more sophisticated. In the same way that misdirection allows "magic" to work, the mind can be directed to incorrect conclusions. I can see these techniques used everywhere on the Internet from Spam and scam to corporate and government astro-turfing of social sites. It is an area I studied in college many decades ago and the techniques are simple enough, but avoidance of the effect can be difficult as the effects are often subtle and diffuse. This is the way that it sneaks past consciousness to the mind. It is possible to form opinions and to influence opinion without any direct conscious knowledge of the process. The mind is a very convolved and dedicated instrument.

The same techniques that serve advertising also serve for brain washing. The avoidance of the effects should be a required course for everybody, but I am sure that no government that depended on using it to maintain power would initiate that. I can't say that I understand it fully in a scientific sense, but I do know that it is very odd that nearly everyone is taught at an early age to believe in things that are imaginary. Perhaps it is the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy that is behind it all, IDK. I am certain it is not Santa Claus, as he is a kind and jolly fellow, just look in his eyes and you will know that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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