Bot net soldiers (mini fiction)

I was studying trans-cranial magnetic fields and the advancements that are being made in neural modeling when something occurred to me which I will mold into a one paragraph science fiction story.

In the far distant future in the year 2011 ( many many nanoseconds in the future ) and a mad dictator named Moomoo Quiffy has realized that he can use TMS to destroy the moral center in the RTPJ ( Right Temporal Parietal Junction ) of his soldiers and as a result they fail to act with the moral restraint and empathy that allows humans to live together. It also allowed the scientists to continue this work to induce suggestibility in the subjects and nobody felt any remorse as it was removed magnetically.

It reminds me of a movie from long ago called the "Re-Animator" in which the scientist used a cordless drill to remove his moral restraint by selectively drilling holes in his own head. The difference is that it is a lot less messy and actually works.

I just wonder how long it will be before a suspect in a crime is required to take a magnetic induction test to prove their innocence in a criminal investigation. Of course politicians and dictators will not be subjected to this because they are beyond suspicion and they are "special" people with human rights, not like the slaves who we must assume have no soul or being. It also reminds me of a Jim Carrey movie called "Liar Liar", I think. What could possibly go wrong?

This kind of started out as a joke and then I realized we were on the planet Earth and any f4d up thing that can be done, will be done. Why waste time with robot terminators, go straight to the gene pool for your solution. It was Watson that suggested this and his friend Sky something or other, I forget , BZZZZZT


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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