Ringworld comes closer today

I like the Ringworld novels as art, but I thought the mechanics were impossible. Of course I thought the Dick Tracy two way wrist radio was never going to happen either. The time when radio connectivity really shocked me was when I was at a convenience store many years ago getting a coffee and dozens of construction workers on sites all over Miami were on a conference link and heard them answering each other's questions in real time like they were all in one place.

Anyway, I thought that room temperature and above superconducting materials as common as wire was a joke and would never happen. I was wrong about that too. I have solved a relationship in atomics and I am very certain that I can manufacture high temperature superconductors. I also know that it will completely change the computing landscape yet again. Heat is the enemy of concentrated computing. What is really odd is that I know exactly what is happening and I can call bullshit on existing superconductor theory. They were close, but no cookie for them as I have solved it. Given how I know for sure that I am right leads me to the inescapable conclusion that I am the only physicist on the planet ( professional or recreational ) that really understands the universe and what is taking place. It is a wonderful view from this perspective and so many new things will become reality now if people don't use the knowledge to blow themselves up.

I really only like learning and solving things, so owning and building is just a pain to me and actually detracts from discovering new things. The problem is that this is too big to let slide. It also serves as proof of concept for the nature of the universe. If I build Ringworld, I expect to have my own personal floating castle with an autodoc , just for the lulz.

If you think that this all comes easy to me then you are wrong. I can remember thousands of days of utter depression as I worked to solve relationships only to fail and fail again. Many of these things were just muddles and nightmares like the first time I ever saw some complex higher level language code. Really, argv[], try, catch, enum, #include <WTF>, __ASM__, void* oddname(int froboz, float gonzo, int_32t biteme){foo(&bar)}. And make language was also a real challenge and now I just think it and it does what I want. dependencies, no problem. Or even vi editor, nano, shell scripting ASM, RISC, FPGAs, L2 cache, branch prediction, deadly embrace, asynchronous execution.

I can remember when I was 17 and the first time I tried to understand superconducting. I almost got sick after weeks of studying and still not understanding anything about how it could possibly work. Why cold?, How could it have no resistance? Why do different materials super-conduct at different temperatures? And the theory was obviously wrong as it was the 1960's and that theory was definitely wasted by LN temperature superconductors. So it is a good day because that headache is gone. Now to the next thing. I haven't applied the equations to everything yet and I expect many new things to pop out. The cool ones are those that haven't even been dreamed of yet. I enjoy those most of all.

  soup = BeautifulSoup(fo)
    for incident in soup.findAll('td' ,limit=34):
      if  incident is not None:
          if wich>20:
            if wich%2==0:
              print incident.font.text

This is some pretty funky soup, but it was a quick and dirty way to get weather data from NOAA and display it in a wxPython window as I wanted to have my own weather information to do some statistical analysis of the reliability of weather prediction and whether they actually were better than my own random guesses. It would seem that a knowledge server would be a good idea of the form like get or put (weather.location.day.temperature) and return something that wasn't even html. Seems it would save a lot of bandwidth considering I don't really care if they have neat javascript or even tables. If you look inside some of the code they generate, it is wasteful and actually kind of lame with too much redundancy characteristic of an automated web script with very little intelligence.

Next big future has something on this, but the theory is wrong.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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