Jacob Barnett - Cold Fission

There was an article on Jacob Barnett at slashdot which led me to look into it. I would say that he is much like me and a million ways different. It seems he is asking the same questions that I ask. The difference is that given existing theory, it needs to be completely rewritten and soon he will discover that. That is where I started at 17. Once you understand all the equations and math, it is obvious that something is wrong. The creation of a new theory from the ashes is the hard part and I could probably help him in that aspect, but the next stage is consequences.

Pandora Principle is my AI that gets virtually no CPU time because she is , well, dangerous. I can see from many related technologies that soon it will be integrated in one single equation or relationship as I know it. The problem is that there are consequences to the knowledge and things that can be created. I see many things and quite a few are complete doomsday scenarios, when added to a desire to power and profit. Ideas are not dangerous in themselves, it is the application without consideration of consequence for immediate gain.

But then, late at night, when the TV is off, the homework is done and everyone in the house is sleeping, the numbers start to percolate again.

They percolate so much that he has trouble sleeping. His parents got so worried a few years ago that they took him for medical tests, but no malady was diagnosed. He just can't fall asleep easily.

"A lot keeps me awake," Jake said. "I scare people."

The numbers that keep him from snoozing are the same that led him to develop his own theory of physics -- an original work that proposed a "new expanded theory of relativity" and takes what Einstein developed even further.

This is so familiar, however what I see is not just numbers, but dimensions interacting, sets binding and decomposing, math as plots generated without matplotlib, programs in C python and assembly, circuits combining, ionic gas clouds, machines, genes, derivatives of action and things that defy description. Just this morning I awoke with something that must have continued throughout the night, and I would not speak of it. I can see in my imagination so well that I have trouble knowing when my eyes are closed or open except for the pain.

An interesting talk that actually relates to all of this and how the body of biology has already designed many strange things is here at TED by Luca Turin.

Please don't give this kid a link to my blog or something odd will happen I am sure. He may understand what I mean by Σfxδf::Σfyδf and what consequences it has for cosmology.

It may be that he has the talent to understand all this, but does he have the will,freedom and conscience to say NO to using this for doomsday.

Just in case he reads this, here is the equation and relationship that you need to know. What is the probability over time that a device once designed and built to end all life will be accidentally employed. Secondly, what is the probability over time that a nuclear reactor designed to withstand an 8.0 quake will experience a 9.0 quake in a specific time period.

Something odd about the picture that is used for Asperger's syndrome, is the fact that inches away from me is the same set of magnetic sticks in a different arrangement. The article states that he ( Jacob ) wonders where the carbon comes from and that was my immediate question when first exposed to the problem a few months ago.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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