What leight through yonder galaxy breaks

Many things become obvious from a better understanding of the mathematics of space and time, and the word leight is something that I coined to mean light with weight and energy. It would seem that the time lash of the universe is very predictable and something occurred to me, If E=hf, as I am sure it does, and the E of light changes, then the black body spectrum of any object subject to ΔE would not be changed proportionally. It would seem that the actual distance could be determined by comparing fx and fy. It seems plausible and I will have to make a survey analysis of the available data, later as I have other things on my mind.

Also, I think Ubuntu and Linus have dropped the ball on how they handle computer software design. I have offered my talent directly to Linus on his blog and apparently they don't need somebody with 30 years experience that has a clue about an odd little USB stack twist that works it way through the multiple processor management and hangs the computer. That is what I think it is and somebody needs to do some serious hardware shop time on this and Shuttleworth should set up a place where new hardware can be tested in mass over time with a better test suite that catches this bug. I think it is a deep design flaw, based on my experience troubleshooting mother board chip set design for toooo... many years. I may switch to RHEL or some other distro because of this or create a utility that tests my ideas about where the problem originates. I suppose it would have to be a kernel module.

I wonder why there is only one big bang? Since we are dreaming up scenarios, it seems reasonable that it could have been 9 or 17 or a high prime number of bangs that are interacting :)

I did a link scan of the blog and I have 43 links with problems , but I think that only 7 of those are real dead links. They include old links to PodBlack's wordpress ( which it seems has gone private ) and something at the University that is now dead. The rest are FORBIDDEN by Wikipedia, which I assume is their robots.txt setting. Perhaps, one day I will clean them.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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