Subjective Time Lord Technology

While analyzing star data it is obvious that the advancing light cone? ( What is an advancing 3D cone surface? [ three triangles, three cones and a limitless sphere that has gradient in time 0 in the center and forever at the periphery ] ) has much information in the temporal relationship of effects. It is possible to look back and forward in time ( subjective time and not absolute time ) to see relationships that are hidden and dependent. We might "see" the effects of a gamma ray burst at a specific time in space as well as the retrospective effects in an ever widening cascade as an example. The same is true of all other effects and it occurs to me that there is a very simple mathematical relationship that must hold in the spectral data of the universe as it relates to time and space. In the same way that CH4 + 2 O2=CO2 + 2 H2O. Unless you assume matter to be created and destroyed at will.

So the spectroscopic data which comes as a slice of the eternal time and relative dimension in space needs to be consistent with the fact that H must decrease ( Lyman Alpha Lyα) with a 14:1 ratio to Carbon 14 for example ( Okay maybe 14:1 on a bad day and 12:1 in the good times.) . Thus if there is a rise in heavy elements, it must be accompanied by a concurrent depletion of lighter elements. Unless one wishes to violate conservation of mass as well as energy, it would seem to be so. Ah yes, the "Eye of Time".

Light microscopy plays a fundamental role in a scientist's repertoire: the technique is easy to use and doesn't inflict damage to a carefully crafted electronic circuit or delicate biological specimen. However, a typical nanoscale object of interest—such as a strand of DNA or a quantum dot—is well below the wavelength of visible light in size, which means the ability to distinguish one such object from another when they are closely spaced is lost. Scientists are now challenging this limit using 'localization' techniques, which count the number of photons emanating from an object to help determine its position.

Quote from Berkeley Labs research VIA Eureka alert. It comes closer now, very soon, and what a change it will make to every science.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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