Horizontal Universe

It would seem that horizontal gene transfers are quite common in our biosphere, due to the existence of an agent that makes it possible. It is a fusion of life that has its own vector which acts on the life carrier wave. It would be just as reasonable to assume that based on the mechanics of the life system, that horizontal transfer does occur between worlds and galaxies as well. The mechanism could be very odd. The nature of Monte Carlo design in physical systems does not require understanding of the medium to create a design. It can fly on wings of quantum entanglement or form in the heart of a neutron star.

It is a language of sorts and speaks an ancient dialect of being. I could be said that the voice of the universe sings in a harmony to matter and energy. As time goes by, new ways of measurement are discovered and as a result the subtle patterns become more clear.

Perhaps it is not necessary to travel to the end of the universe to see what is already here and hidden in the noise that eventually resolves to a voice.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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