Snarfing the Garfok

A good tutorial for python webkit and gtk is here at TuxRadar.

FROM MIT. I have decided to pull the pdf's and organize them for study. "Wget" to get the page and the shell script below parses for me. For something as simple as this python is not advisable as I can do it at the command line. Because they are in different fields there is a fork and recombine action in the script. If BLAST and many other database skills are required to do the course, it seems wise to comb out my entangled neurons and get ready. There was no download course materials in this case and so it was necessary to get creative. So to explain the line by steps.

(1.) cat lecture-notes.htm contents to stream. (2.) | pipe to. (3.) grep pdf only pass those lines with "pdf" in them. (4.) | cut -d '=' -f3,4 pipe to and then split line into parts separated by "=" then output field 3 and 4 (5.) | grep pdf just fields containing "pdf" (6.) | cut -d '"' -f2 finally take only the elements between equals
all together in one command.
cat lecture-notes.htm | grep pdf | cut -d '=' -f3,4 | grep pdf | cut -d '"' -f2

Even though it works this way , I will create the python code to do the same thing as well as organize it in a notebook , zim style. The course depends heavily on computation and so this seems in keeping with the spirit. It would also make sense to add a REGEX for the sake of introduction. When the python code is done and tested, it will be posted here. Here is a link to some python examples that may be instructional. Also client side scripts in python.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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