Long fingers of the Gravity Guild

I have been studying the data from the various satellites and observatories as well as their correlation and it seems that in at least two instances there is evidence that gravity technology is at work. One is a very close fit to the technology. Currently NASA is correlating red shift due to perturbations of angular momentum and surface crossing to create a mass and orbit profile. The math is pretty simple and by integrating the optical intensity over time and overlaying the intensity profiles to a frequency it gives an indicator at 1:10,000 variance. The red shift and star sequence type as well as its emission spectrum allows mass determination when combined with red shift variance.

They are looking for life in their way and I in mine. I am more interested in specific wavelengths that correlate to Phosphorous as well as chiral properties, and planetary organizations that would indicate a gravity technology infrastructure about the star. This is very preliminary analysis and it would seem that the probability leans heavily to the fact that at least two of the planets that have their planes aligned to make them measurable by sun crossing also show signs of a constructed technology on a solar system scale.

This is just my first step and I am certainly more interested in the results now. I have done no correlation between the various data bases though I can see that since spectral data is available it can be organized in new ways. Since their investigation covers only a very small fraction of possible planets due to the fact that sun crossing only happens when their system is aligned properly, it would seem that trillions of living systems could exist across the known universe. I need to plot the suspect stars and see if there is a pattern in their association. I still feel there is something missing in the analysis. There is a motive that remains hidden like some Twilight Zone perspective that would make a better data fit. The time and spatial scale as well as the complexity would imply something would be observed unless it is hidden for a reason. Perhaps the most common attribute of life is not to stick their hand out to the unknown as it often gets eaten. It would seem that "Dancing with Wolves" might be a bad idea.

I was very disappointed by the NASA lectures at Stanford, as they seem to be dumbing the entire process down to the level of a third grader. It seems that in the past they have taken a Disneyland approach to sell their programs. I would like to see more real communication, like lists of which data bases are available, what tools are being designed to access and correlate the data as well as already organized results.

Some things do not occur naturally and the degree of variance from a system that is the lowest and only possible natural state, indicates intervention. Square planets do not occur naturally and would not even occur un-naturally in design. What I would expect for technology is the integration with natural balances to stable and attractors outside the norm. The best car design is more like a fish than a box.

The key to this is motive and curiosity is not sufficient motive to travel light years to distant stars, if technology exists between the stars it must have a driving impulse and that is perhaps the missing key to what would be expected and what should be correlated. There are many other indicators that can be combined if there is a common element. GRB, neutrino, cosmic rays, mass concentrations, chemical gradients, and many others. 14 billion years is a long time for -nothing- to happen and somewhere in this data is a pattern.

I really should pay more attention to what is being done. Apparently bacteria have been sent to Mars on several occasions. This odd dichotomy of action is confusing to me. The extension of the Monroe Doctrine in space as well as the paradoxical goals of extending life and protecting other life. It is definitely schiz. The concept of morality in the context of nature is actually kind of odd IMHO.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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