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I really enjoy all the math and the calculation of relativistic velocities and the concepts of momentum based ballistic systems, but it is like ripping the universe apart to get some place. In a computer when a bit is stored as a single electron transfer, the electron must be removed from the shell ΔΕ and then it has to be recaptured. This difference in energy is waste heat. The lower the difference in energy between states , the lower the heat generated and thus per storage or computation randomness created. It is necessary to dispose of the heat and I can't as yet say for certain that black holes are in fact sometimes a computational object of ancient origin, but I do suspect that it is so. It would be necessary to dispose of the waste heat in massive quantities to perform the types of calculations that I consider possible there. It is difficult to imagine what purpose the calculations at levels of perhaps 1080 would imply. It is possible that such a configuration is not only computational, but serves to measure the universe as well. It would seem that charged particles would be disposed of because they operate at higher entropies and would interfere with proper calculation.

There is a point where exploration is pointless if the goal is to understand what is possible. It is a reasonable assumption that if black holes represent real intelligent objects , that they have an insight to the universe and that charged matter is just useless crap in the grand scheme of things. A fly wanders from manure pile to manure pile seeking that perfect stench and I would hope that I would realize that perhaps it is better not to be a fly, but to change my genetic structure to be a more evolved creature that knows what is crap and what is the food for a mind. If there is a potential solution that combines gravity computation, gravity sensing and the ability to distort space with intense gravity and thus travel without traversing the intervening chaos, it would seem wise to take that path. Perhaps the black hole at the center of the galaxy is just a passenger terminal and we have failed to recognize that. I would imagine that detail is lacking in something that is about 50,000 light years away.

While analyzing the ChiantiPy program it seems to me that there are many speed ups and ways to avoid re-computation of many of the common aspects. I think I will use my new pythonic skills and make a wxPython interface with drop down lists to select stars and scenarios and collect data from SDSS and others. In the process I hope to gain some more insight into something that troubles me. Certainly the periodic table is just a property ordered list and as a result is shows some common modes, but it is not a derived fact and it is my opinion that the Planck constant is also one of those things. There is something deeper there to be known and certainly there are vast layers below the representation of atoms in a periodic manner. It isn't like it could be wrong, it just isn't complete.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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