A delicious python flavored drink - ChiantiPy

As part of a coordinated effort to relate all of the physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, and astronomy, today is spectroscopy and quantum atom day ( A motey holiday ) . At the end the goal is to produce a python script that takes the physics of the universe and generates the atomic spectra for all the atoms as well as anti-atoms and strange matter. ChiantiPy is a program with databases that contain known emission and absorption spectra. At the end there will be a single equation that identifies the product spectrum at various Ek, periodicity using Fourier analysis, , as well as red/blue shift and extracts them from captured data from the on-line astronomical interfaces.

Ultimately the intent is to integrate all the methods to be coherent and consistent with the data as it exists of the observable universe. Other methods considered are the differential recognition of time varying frequencies in multiple dimensions, such as rise in Fe with proportionate drop in H. The sum of m and the distribution of localized m in the form of its atomic configuration or black holes must be one continuous value when considered in the comoving 3/4 space partition analysis. The primary goal is to extract all known properties and then analyze the remainder for effects which are hidden in the data.

These programs and data could be helped by being "debianized", as well as being a bit more user friendly. By integrating wxPython methods as well as BeautifulSoup and urllib, a coherent higher level interface can be achieved. At present this centers about my zim wiki and extra functionality has been incorporated in the Python interface to accomplish this.

There seems to be a minor variance in the gravitational data that only shows at high resolution and it is my hope that this variation will either pop out consistently or be explained as artifact. Relative localized mass and energy changes when moving from various gravitational potentials are exhibited in frequency shifts and so are indirectly observable.

ADDED: There is a reason it is called "beta" and some of them are like this:

external to code
export XUVTOP=/home/user/Atomics1/
in code
 reading chiantirc file
in chiantirc
in matplotlibrc
backend : WXAgg   # use wxpython with antigrain (agg) rendering

It is very likely that this code will be code storm adapted ( good parts analyzed and re structured, common template applied , mainly ripped apart and reformed into something that has no resemblance to the original.) to my purposes. rc is nice as well as i18n and many other things, but some real structure seems to be missing and I am guessing major rewrite before this gets to release candidate 1. It looks useful, but it is a bear to use for the nooby initiate.


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Automated Intelligence
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