The upper universe

This is my less than artistic rendition of a slice of the structure of n-dimensional space where four is projected on three and then sliced. The black areas are black holes. There is a bit of a disconnect for me when it is stated that all positions in the universe would be a constant distance from the edge of the observable universe unless the universe is connected through 4-space and circular in 4D. There seems to a very big disconnect on the logic of that. I will have to create a program that calculates relative positions and their observable aspect based on some type of translation. RA and dec as spherical combined with distance as well as the viewing center and the apparent temporal shift due to the speed of light. I can start with a simple mock universe with a few parts and generate the OpenGL 3D representation with the appropriate transforms for Ly, Mpsec, and km as well as a selection of which standard is applied for representation. It isn't much more complicated than camera position and POV in OpenGL except for the re computation of the temporal displacement.

I suppose it will be wxPython with a separate OpenGL window and perhaps I should consider a translation which produces a WebGL frame and a communicating javascript + HTML5 interface that mirrors the representation and function in the wxPython window.

WebGL is supposed to be available soon in Firefox and others as standard and so I will follow that and attempt to keep consistency between the local program and its interactive web counterpart. I have a joystick interface that is used for traversing various aspects of n-space on my machine. It is button selectable to use the three axis' as actual space position, eye coordinates, RGB, light position, or time + a fourth spatial dimension. Traveling in 3 space can be difficult enough at times, but moving in n-space is very disorienting unless you have a firm grasp on where you are headed.

ADDED: There is something very wrong about this concept. The idea that every object is the center of the universe implies that the universe is circular in 4-space and thus light and energy from one limit extent of the universe would be reflected in the opposite aspect of the universe. The structure of n-space is not subject to visualization and is only accessible through structured computation and I will make an attempt to put a better face on this concept by creating an OpenGL slice of the known universe with its translations in aspects of higher space. The picture is a kind of speed of light time distortion of the first picture, however this represents deep time in the radial distance and so only the surface of the space is actually visible and the black sections are space folds from mass concentrations which are in themselves folds into singularity supposedly.

Many of these same multi-dimensional distortions exist in the HOX analysis of genotype to phenotype expression, as well as the neural to physical layout of the body consciousness.

I think that a n-polyhedron as viewed from the inside with views from different dimensional associations as well as perspective would be the best model for communicating the concept. The factorial combination of dimensions would be exhibited in the polyhedral faces and the number of faces would be the factorial expansion of dimensions-3 or put mathematically (dim-3)!. Thus 6 dimensions has 6 faces and is a cube whose faces represent transforms in specific dimensional attributes.

In the same way that it is said that there is no preferred frame of reference, and yet if I were accelerating to a velocity near c, the universe would be transformed such that blue and red shifts would applied to the entire universe. If everything in the universe to my left is accelerated toward me and to my right away, conservation of energy requires me to assume that I am accelerating. The idea that acceleration by momentum transfer is equivalent to gravity seems to be another disconnect. Gravity is never flat when two or more particles are considered. By its very definition it varies by inverse square. The only way that two particles could exist in the same field is if they were at the same polar distance, and diametrically opposed as they also have a gravitational field and even then they would not express the same acceleration vector with respect to any possible coordinate system.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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