Python DNA

It seems fitting that one would use python on DNA since they are both snake-like. This is the start of analysis of a course in using python tools to deal with DNA. This is MIT again, but I am also following some at Berkeley, Stanford, and UCLA. This one at Stanford on Astrobiology looks very interesting. I will post the python code for this and also do my usual zim wiki integration, except this time I will create some python code for that. I will post unique code for sequence and genome analysis, but not answers to the methods that are homework. I will try to create an OpenGL modeling system that makes the interactions more understandable. Perhaps something that allows moving a genome forward and back in time to events like a major transposon boundary or gene duplication or accumulated SNP recessives. It would seem that a general template could be made that identifies the age of features to piece the discontinuities together. Basically just playing with the problem to see what new ideas pop out for the DNA systems analyzer.

It looks like some real fun as it includes python coding, shell, and regular expressions. I bet I can work some LaTeX equations in there, as well as graphics and models.

In parallel I am following the spring semester at several universities though RSS videos feeds. By automating the process of retrieving the next available lectures, it can be done when I am sleeping so it doesn't bog down real time web searches I conduct.

The Stanford lectures are very interesting in that they reveal the things that I hoped to know. It seems that C is very common and that it pervades the universe like soot on a chimney. It is reasonable to assume that the universe is burning with life. Spectrum analysis is being done. It is hard to imagine what is going on if there are 1022 possible Earths in the universe. Something is still wrong in the big picture. Some critical fact is still to be learned. There is a strange key that fits all this data and it would seem that it is likely in a place that none would ever think to look as it has not been found. I have a suspicion that it has to do with a compound of Ca10(PO4) without 6(OH)2 as a wild guess.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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