Effects of gamma rays on Man in the Moon physicists

An interesting association that I made just a few minutes ago that has nothing to do with the movie TEGRMMM or the REM song or even REM sleep. I was wondering what happens to a mind in constant strong tangential magnetic fields. The LHC uses some serious magnets to confine the beams at the high velocities and energies. Since it has been shown that even a tiny magnetic field 1/10 th the strength of the Earth's Fm can change the entanglement of photons in the eye and that direct magnetic fields can alter consciousness,,, what, if any, effect is being created in the physicists who live and work at LHC daily? Holistic thought would suggest that perhaps the experimenter has become their own experiment yet again. Mme Curie, if you had only known what you were playing with..... It is also said that the hard radiation in space can create some really cool visual hallucinations.

The image is from Cornell and I wonder why it is labeled "Arecibo at Dusk?"

ADDED: This at BoingBoing on a person who got zapped by a particle beam.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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