Looking for Jolly Roger on the MAST

Captain: "We are being probed, raise the shields and go to purple alert." Data: "Alert condition set to appropriate mix of optical frequencies in the visible spectrum, sir."

I am correlating the factorial relationship of suspected planets with their ability to detect extra-solar planets with an analysis of whether they have yet identified Gravity Guild technology. I can identify the signature of Guild technology from the data fairly easily as it creates a rather obvious anomaly when applied. If any show signs of GG tech it would be reasonable to assume that they were already here as it naturally leads to inter-stellar drive. If the light delay signature indicates GG tech then arrival is certainly within .7C 4D light cone of that indicator. I can make no conjecture as yet about FTL or extra-dimensional effects, but perhaps a clue is in the data somewhere.

They may be looking for us too. So better to see them coming than be caught unawares. New data is available at MAST for exoplanets. And some altruistic individuals at Planet Hunters are scanning the skies to identify the pirates before they identify us.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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