Knowledge is a wonderful sport

Dr Sadoway of MIT is a really talented teacher and has such a strong grasp of the subject of solid state chemistry. It is a great joy to have access to these lectures and MIT has given the world a very great gift. The enthusiasm and teaching talent is so refreshing. I have had so many teachers that just serve time. They fail to grasp the subject they teach and resent the talent they don't possess when they see it in others. Perhaps there should just be a school where the best in the world can serve as the "source of all good bits".

I have gotten so many valuable new ideas from the clarity of thought that it will be weeks before they all sink in. The history and methods of the scientists is perhaps more important than the facts themselves. Something is revealed there in the clarity of thought that is like a light that shines into the darkness and gives illumination to what is beyond. Marvelous lectures. Something intangible comes from the complete presentation that would seem to be an emergent property.

I never fully understood how x-ray crystallographic techniques worked, but with the ideas of the 14 crystal forms, the Bremsstrahlung, wave interference, and the experimental setup makes it obvious what is being done and how DNA structure could be devised from X-ray. Way cool. This guy is definitely talented.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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