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Besides the LaTeX and graphs and other methods in zim, I can access all the functionality of Linux integrated in my studies of science. In this case I am using RasMol to enhance the analysis of Lewis Acids and molecular structure. The structure of a PDB file is textual with fields that describe the molecular relationships. It is another of those pseudo languages that I can now use.

They can be exported to models for OpenGL and WebGL as well as being templates for automated molecular manufacturing. Example of the PDB elements below. Funny correlation is DiLithium :) The alchemy of Cesium and Gold mixtures is very interesting. The fact that Gold could be hidden in a salt that is transparent. Also the paramagnetic aspects of Oxygen makes me assume that what I had observed with liquid Nitrogen and superconductors, was in fact, Oxygen replacement of the LN and its appearance in the magnetic field. I don't believe that N2 is paramagnetic, but I don't know that for sure. I am sure I will run across clarification of that in the process of correlating all of this ( AND here is the confirmation at ) Some very interesting things come from the combinatorial associations in these lectures. I had chemistry and biochemistry recently and my prof was not even on the same seismic scale as Donald Sadoway.

ATOM 32 N AARG A -3 11.281 86.699 94.383 0.50 35.88 N ATOM 33 N BARG A -3 11.296 86.721 94.521 0.50 35.60 N

Automated assembly of lectures to a zim structure that allows quicker reference is improving and actual date is used now and a header is created. I need to adjust date format to the same structure as zim to actually integrate completely. Extraction from pages is python based. Eventually I will incorporate some automated recognition.

ind=`cat index.txt`
for i in `ls MIT3* | grep mp4 | grep -v part`
 y=`echo $i| sed -e s/MIT3_091SCF10lec//| cut -d "_" -f1`
 k=`echo "lecture"$y`
 if [ $y -gt $ind ];
  echo "[[+lecture"$y"]] being created at "$dat
  echo "[[+lecture"$y"]]">>$subdw".txt"
  echo "Content-Type: text/x-zim-wiki">$z
  echo "Wiki-Format: zim 0.4">>$z
  echo "Creation-Date: 2011-01-24T15:25:50.125345">>$z
  echo "====== lecture"$y" ======">>$z
  echo "Created "$dat>>$z
  echo "[[file://"`pwd`"/"$i"|Lecture "$y"]]">>$z
  echo "[[+lecture"$y"]] bypassed on "$dat
echo $y>index.txt


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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