IT sees its own reflection in the gas clouds

The unseen and unknowable universe reflects in the known. It is certainly true that active galactic nuclei speak to each other in the sense that their gravity and actions are reflected in the rest of the universe. New satellites will peer deeper and more precisely into the spectra of these monsters. The image is some actual star data that has been slightly modified and the mind is arranged to see what it wants and needs. Computers have no predisposition and OpenCV can see faces that we do not. Considering that an AGN can be the same mass as an entire galaxy, it does contain complexity beyond our imagining. Life is a subtle and diaphanous effect. In the heart of the wholly dark is a face with eyes that look into forever. It is difficult to avoid being drawn to the complexity there.

There are cues and clues that suggest something that is only a guess at the moment. It would seem that knowledge comes from condensing experience and disposing of randomness. If one were to assume that the universe were infinite in space as well as time, it could be that what we consider lifeless abominations of gravity could be the mind and being of something very strange.

I wonder if the inside mirrors the outside in some strange hall of temporal mirrors. Certainly it does, and that fun house mirror may reveal its origins.

Perhaps the Dark Master has something to do with this, oh sorry, I mean dark matter. If you know that t>1010 and it is observed for t=10, would one suspect that they could predict its process and future to any accuracy? This seems to approach Δ IMHO. Thus it gives only the f'(t) and what is wanted is the ∫tδt


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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