WxPython Day

Today I am integrating some more choices for python. GTK is interesting as well as others. I am going to do a side by side of the applications to see which has the best look, feel, and utility. I suppose that they could all be used at once in different windows with the same application and I may do that. The file select options is one issue as well as search and integration of graphics, equations, LaTeX, Image Magick, video, screen capture, molecular modeling, star views with data, information extraction and AI. Here is a link to a wxPython tutorial.

Google is my friend and before I get too excited about reinventing the wheel it is appropriate to see if there is already a wheel. Here is one link to a side by side comparison of Wx and Tkinter and with all the other things I have seen, Wx seems like the place to go for now. It is mostly an issue of style, but the ability to understand something often depends on a consistent recognizable content.

The proactive step is to create an automated process to collect all the information and sample source in one place, index it and automate the testing to see what is available and how it looks. So, now I will script some python with CurL to build and structure the object I want to analyze.

wxPython does seem easy to use and creates nice graphics. Moties use IPV7.

motey@motey-desktop:/usr/share/doc/wx2.8-examples/examples$ cat README.examples These examples are provided as extended documentation for the wxWidgets package. If you wish to actually run them rather than just browse them as documents you should copy them into a working directory elsewhere first. Note that some of them will attempt to write to the current working directory, or to the home directory of the user they are run as. Some of the files have been compressed in accordance with Debian policy regarding documentation, you will need to uncompress such files before building or executing them. The unpack_examples.sh script is provided to assist with that. The examples provided here typically show a minimal implementation of the feature(s) they are demonstrating. There are examples of more complete (mini) applications, available in the /wxPython/samples and /demos directories of the wxWidgets cvs repository (which is browsable via http://cvs.wxwidgets.org), or of course you can always apt-get the source of any wx using package for some less contrived examples of real world wx applications. Ron

These things don't happen sequentially and so some things get added here and there when I think of it and realize I should extend it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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