Graphene and chemical brains


Tom Schaul, Thomas Rückstiess, Frank Sehnke

Pybrain has some interesting aspects. There is an interaction between the cell level reasoning and a distributed intelligent network. It would seem that a network that is composed of independent elements can be modeled and operated as a whole. An example of this is fungi, genotype to phenotype, neural arrays, and even the Internet. The nature of communication is such that every element of the network is aware of the whole data set, which is a continuously evolving. It solves the problem of intelligence localization and the distributed intelligence model of ants. Ants is another place where environment, organism, brain, cell, and molecule combine in a structured hierarchy that results in a consistent and effective emergent system.

PyBrain incorporates many aspects that I had assumed would be necessary for a complete model of pseudo intellectual process. Things like partial derivatives, and gradient descent as well as summing. Interesting issues of communication and intelligence as well as the nature of organisms without physical form could be construed from this. It seems to imply something about the interaction of galaxies and the communication between spaces, even on the scale of billions of light years.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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