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This is the part with neural nets and it does seem that all of this can be integrated in a better way with ChiantiPy, wxPython, urllib, BeautifulSoup , SciPy, matplotlib, and others. It is an interesting approach as well as genetic algorithms. Python makes it easy to test new combinations.

An odd thought occurred to me while doing the neural nets, and is it odd as it has absolutely nothing to do with neural nets. I was wondering what the Schwarzschild radius of an electron is?

So here goes: 2G/c^2=1.48×10−27 m/kg, and * 9.109×10−31 kilogram=(9.109*10^-31)*1.48*10^-27 = 1.348132e-57 meters

\frac{2 \ G}{c^2}=1.48×10^{-27} \frac{m}{kg}\\
M_e = 9.109 \times 10^{-31}  kilograms\\
(9.109 \times 10^{-31})*1.48*10^{-27} = \\
1.348132 \times 10^{-57} meters

So what does that mean?, IDK. Well now I am wondering what the continuum of the radii are for neutrinos, EM waves, infrared, protons, quarks, and does it have a correspondence to h.

I have been making graphene and bio-graphene. Odd what can be learned just by poor typing skills. Grapheme, a written symbol for a phoneme.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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