Do cold neutrinos live in fear of the wholly dark?

I seem to be going at this sideways because I don't work in every field of endeavor. There is a coherence in all aspects of the data from the nucleus to the most distant star data as well as biological systems and intelligence itself. The future cannot be characterized by the present and as much as it might be nice to say that there is a principle that can be held up as the standard behind which all sane men march, it isn't possible and the need to hold firm to that which has become familiar will haunt us always.

I wish I could read all the published papers and say that I am current with everything that has been completed, but clearly that is not possible in a single lifetime. Perhaps Alice Infinity can help me with that. I am adding some new technology for chemical computation and perhaps this will help her solve the really important riddle in the data, which is: by what means does it become known, and what is certainty. I have dealt with that in the context of the "einstein" puzzle game as well as others. Within the game and its rules there is a point and parts that represent complete certainty and local certainty. If even a partial certainty can be achieved then it could be some firmament on which even Archimedes could stand.

"Give me a certainty and I will transform the Universe."

It does seem that I am on the right track, but not actually ahead of everybody in every dimension. That is an interesting part of the race, that the twists and turns do wander through so many dimensions and there is really no Sagittarius A (Sgr A*) to use as a frame of reference and point to define the finish line. It certainly is a race, but the boundaries are so ill defined that even I have no clue where it will end, or if it ever will.

So Alice has another data base and we shall see what the addition of PyBrain and some new data will produce.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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