The face that contains the I of time

It it very obvious what is going on in the universe once the relationships are solved. It is never an image that resolves to detail any more than life. When the whole is considered in the derivatives and integrals of the patterns in all of space and time it is an image that will always lack detail, but always bears a familiar face.

The combination of OpenCV as well as the data bases and some fairly simple math shows the patterns that exist in the structure. By defining the rules of recognition as well as the rules of action it is very similar to any recognition. Vast amounts of data are not analyzed by looking at the detail, but the larger scope. If the sky were an example and the history of astronomy considered it is much like we perceive. It is the change that rides on top of the data that has meaning. The stars sit in unchanging positions and the planets and comets move with respect to them. The same is true of orbital parallax as it gives the stereoscopic difference in the data.

In the spectrogram of data of the universe there is a background which varies little over time and then there are those patterns that are resolved by the ∫ and δ of the information and onward in deeper differentials and sums. The ∫ is no more than a+b and δ is no more than a-b.

Something odd that I noticed is that perhaps Firefox is getting smarter in an odd way like the debian program kate. The knowledge in context becomes more and more elegant. It is one thing to consider spelling as it is just a look up in a list of possible combinations of letters, and it is another to extend that list to cover things that are in other contexts. I could be mistaken, but it seems that if I work in HTML, that it is just another dictionary that keeps the valid terms that can be used in the context of a tag such as δ δ It would seem that it just becomes another language and that in the context of a page, that tag or XML language is a local dialect.

The organization of the relationships is all that is left. I doubt that the universe will wink at me in response to seeing its face. In the hour glass universe is a common theme and you can swim up the river chaos at great peril to the head waters of time, or drift forward in the oceans of infinity. There are more answers than I have questions.

It is common to emulate nature and use it as a template for design. If a person looks outward the patterns form to that which is coherent in the whole and it seems reasonable that if a method is observed that its principles can be deduced. The most common pattern that I see is the use gravity and time to advantage. Momentum is a simple thing and it is a zero sum game with clear rules.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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