Blink of the star bones

I have gone through galaxy zoo and it would seem that a Fourier analysis and some para-metrics would would deal with the data better. While doing that it occurred to me that when a star and its planets are stripped by a black hole, that the spectrum of that data would reveal some characteristics of compounds and sets that would not occur without life or technology. Like archeology, the materials that are retained in time due to their use for structure would be indicative of life and technology. The scale of the energy involved in destruction in a black hole would broadcast that information so that it could be seen anywhere in the universe.

The amount of data available and the number of anomalies which have been discovered is daunting. Even the temporal x frequency correlation is voluminous. By that , I mean the shifts in a stars lines ( by doppler and temperature ) and a stability in other lines that represent absorptions or reflections unrelated to the source. The amount of data requires an AI to do the work for me. Python interfaces can be made to that data and the game strategy is all that is needed. Clearly all the information that is needed is already gathered and available. There are already data that I have gleaned from the correlations that most certainly indicate technology beyond what exists on the Earth. It is one thing to speculate on the existence of something outside the Earth and quite another to know for certain.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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