Lazy pythons

I really wanted to wget or urllib get examples by doing BeautifulSoup extraction of the data from matplotlib web site, but my laziness exceeds my desire to use my pythons for this. So by using apt-file and getting the archives and then identifying what is available with aptitude search, then checking what python examples are in doc using apt-file , it is obvious that there are many more examples to test there than on the web site. So lazy wins and I guess I will just shell script all the examples to see what they demonstrate. Another issue is using their bandwidth pointlessly to snarf the stuff when Debian has bandwidth allocated and the files are more likely to be closely scrutinized for flaws as they wind their way through the Debian release maze. Plus there is HTML and 40 megabytes of data with the examples and that should add some entertainment value to the whole thing.

ADDED: I should have thought of this before. If I want to really let my pythons work without doing DoS like things to random strangers, I should just use my http:/localhost and let the pythons run wild and free to see what they do to some oddly crafted HTML on my own Apache server.

motey@motey-desktop:~$ locate whats_new_99_spines
motey@motey-desktop:~$ aptitude search matplotlib
i   python-matplotlib      - Python based plotting system in a style similar to Matlab
i A python-matplotlib-data - Python based plotting system (data package)
p   python-matplotlib-dbg  - Python based plotting system (debug extension)
p   python-matplotlib-doc  - Python based plotting system (documentation package)
v   python2.6-matplotlib   -
apt-file list python-matplotlib-doc| grep '\.py'| wc -l
sudo apt-get install python-matplotlib-doc
sudo updatedb
locate whats_new_99_spines

firefox /usr/share/doc/python-matplotlib-doc/html/index.html

So it is pretty obvious that looking at this (above), it is the entire matplotlib sourceforge web site and all the examples so it is easier just to go with the flow and work with the examples in the format created. The documentation and organization is good.


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Automated Intelligence
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