Coherent thought wave laser constructive interference

This is the point that I really enjoy. It is when all the different approaches become coherent and it produces something that is different than all the individual parts. In this case it is linear equations that lead to matrix calculations of networks, differential and integral calculus, models of process, materials, sets, and properties. If you follow all the various lectures at MIT, you can see that Strang, Sadoway, and others communicate and gain ability from each other and it would be interesting to see who is the polymath that puts this all together and sees the larger scope.

It gets easier with time and familiarity. My problem is that I see all these things at once when only part is introduced. When spring is said, I see so many different things that even though they may speak in context, my mind wanders to the elastic and crystal properties of DNA, car suspensions, deformable bodies and elastic collisions, flexibility of skin, and a thousand other connections that create a kind of fog that only dissipates with the combination of the new associated element. I have a brain cloud and I am going to Waponi Wu for a cure. Or perhaps it will just evaporate in the light of reason and time. Σ(Reason)δt=Clarity


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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