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The script is to take the information from the MIT web site and integrate it with my tools and the zim wiki. This is just the base template as an example. To explain some of the parts: I first get the directories and then cut them up to find out if they contain a number in the first position when cut on the symbol '-'. This then selects the directory I want as well as what lecture number it is associated with, and I can use that information to put the pdf's as links in the subject file with sub categories that are named from the directory names, as well as sort numerically and collect data from the files to be used for graphics, search, and cross reference. The function is just an example of how to create a unique directory, something like the effect of not including includes when they are done twice due to some complex dependencies or when the script is used to update the structures it doesn't err out with a bunch of pointless messages.

It also serves to integrate the AI interface that identifies a situation on an asteroid, for example, and then considers the need for structure, sensors, effectors as well and logic circuits and determines the most effective sequence of operations that leads from materials at hand to self replication or replication of its own sub-motie being. The temperature, radiation, and general environment where the motie is to operate is considered in the choice of materials. In this way the materials which are stable in that environment serve as a template for operation and extension. In the process of manufacturing the moties become a resource which can be moved under its own power to serve in a new environment or simply be used as raw materials for another design.

Many different materials can serve as semiconductors, dopants, insulators, casings, conductors, and energy storage devices. In some case the material that is needed to make the necessary conversion must be motied from a different sphere of operation. A UDP like chemical signal or even a motie as a messenger and carrier is possible.

What makes it efficient is the incorporation of gravity technology that allows the transfer by the difference in potential only and so the cost of material as well as its JIT property ( Just In Time ) would be a consideration in how a motive was implemented.

#!/bin/bash skip_dir=0 function make_dir { if [ -d $1 ]; then # echo "$1 already exists" skip_dir=`expr $skip_dir + 1` else mkdir $1 fi } for i in `ls -d *` do k=`echo $i|cut -d '-' -f1 ` if [ -z $(echo $k | sed -e 's/[0-9]//g') ]; then #echo $k echo $i" Contains:" ls './'$i | grep -v xml|grep -v htm fi done
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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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