Analog and Digital Earth

The package openuniverse uses a perspective which is not geocentric. This allows some interesting things to be added if my data is incorporated in the program. I will have to get the source and have a look when I have enough data to construct a 4D model with temporal distortion.

More data is discovered and perhaps the work is already mostly done for me. Being as lazy as I am, one eye is cast out for easier ways to do something as one focuses on catching the wascally wabbit. So 2df redshift sky survey looks like a good bet.

Strangely some of the terminology they use commonly has a 1:1 correspondence with my understanding. Acoustic oscillations of Baryons and the Sloan Great Wall, oh yeah. What a tangled web it weaves. It is more convoluted than SQL syntax across all the incarnations.

Now we are getting somewhere that I understand. Bazinga.

We are getting very close now. I can smell the precious.

Unless I am confused about the methods, I think these are the droids I am looking for.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen