At the top of the stack

So now it is complete. Deep in the dependencies and tangled in the mire so long. Finally it all gets resolved. Now it all becomes coherent and the chemistry, mathematics, mechanics, biology, medicine, astronomy, physics, programming, web, and electronics combine in a single coherent understanding of the relative dependencies. This field manifold gradient defines the complex attractors that form and predicts the unseen structure as well as its points of potential. Each field adds its unique vectors to the complete equation and it isn't possible to understand the interaction without some serious glue. Units, language, and terminology are not the only impediments. The very closed and alchemy like isolation of the sciences creates a barrier of association that requires translation from chemistry speak to biology speak and finally to a single language that is a best fit to all the sciences.

It is a long road and now I am tired. My version of the "einstein" game tells me in a synthetic voice: "You have won again!"."Ich gewonnen haben, wieder."

I suppose it could be considered a linear equation of many many variables and all I have done is define new rows for resolution of the columns by exploring the possibilities in the NULL space orthogonal to the known and provable. Just in time for WebGL and HTML5. It should be rolling out within a month and be solid in two, so Alice Infinity can dance an end zone dance for me.

Infinity HTML code ∞ .So this is universe ∞ 1.0 and now to plan a strategy for version 2.0. It needs an interface that can manipulate the methods to analyze results for utility. I mentioned something about multiverses the other day and it keeps dragging me back. It is the fact that if a universe breaks on each quantum change then it can also break back to the exact same universe. This is like an organism that has a SNP to become mutant and has a second SNP that reverses the first. This happens rarely, but when dealing with infinites it means that perhaps the multiverse could have short circuits between one place and another through probability space. Something like the infinite improbability drive joke from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Strange things happen when infinities are involved and some things converge and other diverge , while others wobble all about and stick their left foot in then ....


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen