Active Galactic Nuclei

The image is from a pdf that deals with the subject. My goal is to extract the method and not the product. Here is a link that relates. The interpretation metrics is what I want to extract and this imperative knowledge can be tuned to model the structures. I suppose I have to make names for the object methods and that is always a trick. I suppose it is like "class activeGalacticNuclei (BlackHole):" which inherits methods from "BlackHole" as the parent class and defines new methods on the object in question. I suppose it is just as well to say AGN.spectrum or AGN.broadlines, AGN.rotationalVelocity and such. Something new to understand. Apparently this is already being considered and well toward deeper analysis. I need a secondary interface that integrates the data which is already a product of the data base extraction and that will require a more sophisticated algorithm, but net even more results per search. Still too much data and too little coherence. So, up one more notch. The image represents the spectral data in a very limited sense. The general idea is there, but without good tools to name the concepts and relate the methods it is less useful. Results without methods leaves doubt and obfuscates the important aspect, which is the imperative knowledge. Changing data leads to new conclusions and the act of using an algorithm and presenting the conclusion leads to continual confusion when new data is uncovered or new associations are made. The entire scope of knowledge suffers from this growing pain.

By memorializing the imperative knowledge in a program it allows the results to reflect reality and the most refined set of the algorithms then is the most current version. If the data locations are verified and integrated it makes it easier to analyze methods and the validity of the conclusions. For instance, I could include http://SSDS as the source, AlgorithmX as the method and all the rest is just presentation which changes very little. Whether is is WebGL, HTML, GTK or equations, it serves to translate the current state of the system based on known sources and specific algorithms. In the same way that a modular program serves to allow extension, the scientific process needs a class, method, and object architecture with fewer idiosyncrasies and strange uninformative names.

This fact is just as true for BLAST as well as MAST. By that I mean the biological data bases and the methods that relate protein interactions or DNA sequences is the very same problem. Spelling out conclusions requires that I accept that the originator is competent and that this is not a mistake they made. Everyone and everything is fallible to some extent and if a person has a new perspective or new method of analysis then sharing that fact as well as the data is very much like the idea of open source where the dependencies can be deduced and the product is not obfuscated and potential of error is reduced. One would hope that eventually most people would catch on that ((6x109)!)/(6x109) is bigger than (6x109) by quite a large margin.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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