The n-handed cosmic merry-go-round

It seems that I may have beaten Alice Infinity to the first anomaly. I have spoken about gravitational magnetism before and that is my nomenclature for gravitomagnetism apparently. For reference here is a link at Wikipedia on gravitational wave, Stanford University Gravity Probe B, , Einstein@Home ,Frame dragging, My blog 2008 , and too many others for me to link.

I had considered whether that effect, whatever you want to call it, would influence objects in our space to any great extent. I believe that I have found the answer. I will wait until Alice Infinity finishes her analysis, but it seems reasonably certain in first light. There are two distinct oddities at work and the data of galaxies should provide some real secrets now. I had not noticed Einstein@Home before and I will have to check that out. In any case, the GFm would act on objects of high relativistic speed radial to a rotating black hole. The answer comes when volume expansion of solar winds are integrated over billions of years and as a result, the accumulated velocity would favor a velocity curve similar to that which is attributed to "dark matter" or "dark cop-out". I suppose I could wow you with LaTeX equations of the differentials and integrals and the 4D graphics of vector manifolds impinging on themselves, but I will let Alice Infinity do the heavy lifting as I am lazy ( I imagine something like Navier-Stokes partitions in 4-space with vector fields ) . She will eventually write up the equations for me and do the animations, if it proves to be the dominant anomaly.

A little AI gravity bird tells me that it won't be long now until somebody else sees the anti-emit & anti-thgil of the Gravity Guild Gg. The answers seem to be dropping out like a broken gum ball machine now. Strange things are coming to a world near you. The time angel of the wholly dark is on the wing.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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