Your money is no good on Mars

If a person had money on Mars it would do them no good. It makes me wonder how the dependency chains of power and society are related. It seems that some very odd things happen with money. Why is it that a store asks you to pay twice what they spent for something they obviously don't want or need? If I were on Mars it would seem that if I could get water from the ice by using a magnifying glass or focused mirror surface. The entire system is so very subjective and dependent on the application of force as well as an agreement that has no physical enforcement possible. The concept of money seems to lend ( pun intended ) itself to abuse. It is obvious that by some simple analysis it is possible to twist the financial system about its axle without any great effort. There are people going to jail for stealing billions of dollars because it is possible. I doubt that they are the brightest as they were caught at it.

It just makes me wonder and perhaps I can get a better sense of what it really means if I use a Markov model of the entire process for a few simple systems. What I expect to find is that somebody is playing a circular dependency game to their advantage. That is just my 2 cents worth of analysis. Ownership itself is based on the ability to maintain control of material by force if necessary. I suppose it has some logical foundation that could be applied to resolve the paradoxical nature of the defined method. IIRC it originates from the minting of currency to represent physical power.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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