Gravity induced Helium fusion drive

It would seem that the triple alpha process of Helium fusion would be the best mechanism for an interstellar drive. The development of a fusion reactor using kinetic energy seems irrational to me. The pressure that maintains the Helium ash core of a star to the point of Helium flash would seem much more reasonable. A non momentum based source of compression to the product of Carbon and Oxygen produces raw material for life as well as energy for a momentum based rocket system. To move the distances between stars in a reasonable time frame it requires a propulsion system that can push light speeds. I think that a TSP flyby route of the nearest stars could be done in a period of 50 years. If hibernation and suspended animation ( currently workable ) are considered in the process it could be a voyage that constitutes only days of personal conscious time. It would thus not require an individual to have an extended life time to achieve the feat.

It is bound to be dangerous though it would seem that if the appropriate fusion shield technology were also implemented that it might be at least as safe as driving on the street in Paris or Boston. Life poses risks even in the most controlled of environments from the chaos of nature. It might even be safer to travel in a well designed craft with inertial canceling and active matter shields. If communication is maintained throughout the trip then technology and any advances in associated agent worlds could be incorporated in flight so that there was no technology shock from isolation in time as well as space.

I have discovered some very interesting things about neutrinos and it confirms what I already presupposed. The use of Cherenkov seems like a first idea kind of thing and it surprises me that there is that much money available that billion dollar projects can be funded when a better idea could make it useful as a lower cost.

Wouldn't it be odd if the amount of carbon and oxygen in the universe was exhaust gases from interstellar travel of a race that wasn't carbon based. Life smog.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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