Proability space and the Einstein game

It seems that probability space is an interesting adjunct to the matrix and set like aspects of the "einstein" game. Because it is arranged in such a way that potential solutions have direction-less aspects it could be said that they expand in multidimensional space along possibility vectors. I guess that is different than probability vectors. It is determinant in the fact that it is an all or none probability arrangement. I have been looking for a way to represent knowledge in a dependency like framework for scientific communication and have come up with some ideas, but none has popped out as the perfect solution, however if I build a probability matrix for this game, perhaps it will give me some insight.

It would seem to be a personality based dimensional tree where the given set of clues leads to a conclusion that is self confirming. This aspect and the concept of certain solutions is interesting to me in the same way that some things in the universe are impossible or guaranteed. Given the temporal, momentum, and commutative as well as inverse square interaction, there are certain situations that cannot proceed from any circumstance, no matter how convolved it might be. In addition certain nodes like strange attractors are perhaps likely and possibly guaranteed to proceed from the arrangements. It isn't a double speak to say the possibility of a probability though it is a messy thought. It seems tat these rather bizarre consequence of relativity are possible to be understood and applied in many new ways. It is possible that no other person on the entire planet understands the coherence of these relationships, and I would suspect it is more likely than not that it would be so as the side effects of the knowledge applied and its utility would make it the winner in any mechanical conflict.

If US or Russian or any other nation had this technology they would operate in a different way. If they were aware of the technology and how it operates they would have to implement a kind of circular paradigm that is the first action principle. Something recent that is circularly applied is the idea of a leaked document which describes how to stop leaks. It would require a policy in place for a method to proceed and of course it would not be hidden as there is no us and them decided at that point and so hiding is dependent on having something valuable to hide. So it is obvious the secrecy is not about hiding great skill, but to obfuscate the great foolishness, corruption and clueless actions as well as weakness.

It seems that the same principles of dimensional analysis to certainty could be applied in the political structure to define a "game" that had solutions based on clues ( which are the outward actions ) that would solve to several matrices that would not contain all the aspects of the only possible final organization, but would create a model that was certain. This is the thing that intrigues me, that it could be possible to take all the interacting chaos and have something that resolves with certainty. I am certain ( and there is that word ) that this is true in manufactured situations and is also true in the operation of life as it exists, whether it is possible to implement as a type of "psycho-history" as in the Foundation is to be seen. I am investigating the nature of certainty and it has been considered before in the concept of proof, however it is dependent on the first principle, and I am of the opinion that one is not that first principle, but that infinity is the first principle and ( one - one ) is an attainable goal from it. It is very much like standing Cantor on his head and reading the principles from back to front.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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