Starlight and Runes of the seven brown dwarfs

The ability to cast the runes on these data bases seems like a valuable talent. I have used BLAST and many other data bases and perhaps I should shine up my SQL skills as this seems to be the place where the answers can be found.

When all the utility of all the options is combined it becomes far more useful. It is far easier than I thought to generate a complete extension to analysis. A bit of Python glue , shell scripts, local utilities, some XML and voilà, here it is.

The goal now it to determine a method that defines the vector that is defined by the goal and a feedback that acts like Euler's method of approximation or even RK2 perhaps. I think I can cast a rune that is a Markov system of probabilities that acts in constraints to spiral in to the meaningful aspects of the data. It requires defining action at ascending complexity and abstraction of detail.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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