Waiting for gravity to pull me away

I am tiring of waiting for a gravity engine to be duplicated. I am looking to see if anybody is close and so I am starting with links in wiki to avoid the craptastic perpetual motion freaks and cartoon fantasy.

So her is a start: Link1 Wikipedia, Link2 Wikipedia, Link3 Wikipedia, to be expanded with analysis. Upon cursory analysis has no indication of any results though the analysis of misconceptions is interesting. There is no reason to believe that any engine that actually works would not be immediately adopted and so those who propose complex and expensive untested solutions are deluding themselves or acting to delude others.

I know there are workable solutions that can be achieved without violating conservation of momentum or energy. I will look deeper with some web tools. The amount of crap and fantasy that gets generated relating to the topic makes it difficult to search for any valid data points of interest. I will include that into my new tools for SQL and web interface. Avoiding the mountains of foolishness is actually more important than attempting to make sense of pointless drivel. Perhaps the best link is XKCD.

Muonium sounds like a made up cartoon thing, but it does exist as well as muons as electron replacements. Much like the vast data bases of information, the universe is awash in neutrinos, cosmic rays, and strange particles that have patterns in their action.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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