The engines of universal chaos

It would seem that there is a far more reasonable hypothesis about the universe itself and it doesn't enhance the position of human life. As sloppy as the organization of galaxies and stars may be, I see a design within it ( and not designed for people, anymore than airport runways are designed for tardigrades ). The scale of design is so vast that I even hesitate to consider the whole from its parts. If an assumption is made that the universe is infinite in time as well as space, the probability of anthropomorphic interpretation becomes virtually zero and the presence of intelligence vastly beyond our comprehension becomes certain.

Something I happened upon while reading some slashdot is this immanentize the eschaton, which is interesting. Also some interesting youtube science.

I have no doubt that technology will continue to escalate in its complexity and effect. It could easily be considered magic by any isolated tribal society. If a person were transported from Medieval Europe they would certainly flip psycho on what was happening as people talked into their bluetooth headsets and received answers from their familiars in the unseen aether. The advance of new technology is a shock constantly. I was of the opinion that Star Wars like situations could not occur in less than several thousand years when I saw the first movie. I considered a liquid Terminator in the same vein as well as holographic interfaces. All of these things are becoming fact and with the addition of gravity based travel it becomes something very odd and when people are able to walk into a teleport booth and end up in another galaxy, they will wonder what those medieval people that lived before 2011 would think and how they would dismiss it as a magic trick. Looking at the vector of change as a quantity, it is not a linear thing and it could be factorial , exponential or quadratic, IDK, I do know that I am not betting that things will get easier to understand tomorrow. I think that something needs to be done with the representation of time. I think that it should be an exponential scale so the happenings can be linear to the numbers. It was 2011.001345+e(t) that a strange thing happened on the way to the moon.

As an aside, it occurred to me that scientists often dismiss information based on some nonsensical basis because of the source. The film character "Hannibal Lecter" is considered to be the genius antagonist and it seems that character of an individual has nothing to do with the validity of any analysis. It seems that the need to elevate and memorialize scientists is a waste of time. It is said that Newton dabbled in alchemy and no doubt this is true. I would not be surprised if he were an outright sociopath and member of an Illuminati.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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