The SNP tree of all people

The nature of a SNP is such that in the process of mutation there are transcription errors in DNA which involve a single base pair. In this case the probability that a SNP will be reversed is 1:4B and so it is much like writing a marker at random in 4B of memory and as such it shows a trace of ancestry. Given the ever lowering cost of DNA sequencing it becomes possible to make a data base that defines the tree of relationships.

RFLP is the technique used for identifying the SNPs in a sample.Since many DNA scans are becoming public and the US government has policies to collect DNA from people convicted and suspected of crime as well as at birth,and in the military, it is a fairly simple analytic process to establish the cladistic and dependent relationships. Indirect analysis has already begun and though privacy concerns were said to be addressed, they failed miserably as it is a closed and dependent set of relationships. It is also possible to gather information without the express permission of any authority as the information is shed each day by every person on the planet.

There is no question that it is possible to infer the familial and descendant relationships of everybody on the planet. If the criminal data base or other data base is large enough it allows the blanks to filled in from the sampling.

It is simply a matter of time before a cladogram of the human race is made and leaked as a tool for insurance, criminal data bases, and GATTACA like dating services as well as probabilistic analysis of offspring containing a disease gene.

I am certain that I could devise such a tree without any data bases at all. In the name of science there have been many samplings across the world and on a gene and SNP basis there have already been some gross tree frames established. Obviously it is not possible for a person to pass on a properly functioning copy of a gene if it has been SNP'd at some point in history.

It is actually a fairly easy process and I will assume that it has already been done in secret by some government, Illuminati, madmen or business.

The consequence is that independent of ones appearance, there are factors at work that determines the longevity and fitness quotient of a person's gene set. I can't impart information and technique that I do not possess. In a way this is a person's most private possession and nude pictures of your genes are now on the global data base.

I don't think that a plan of genetic modification based on the factors would ever come to any survivable conclusion because the expression of the process is quite different than the identification of its parts. That doesn't stop somebody from trying. It seems that in the 1920's somebody devised a plan to identify degenerates by the bumps on their head. Nazis decided to use a method which had no valid scientific basis. In nature, even the smell of a member can determine their survival. I personally don't see that given the amount of data that I would ever consider trying to modify a process that was generated at random and hope to get a consistent result.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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