Intergene browser appliance

Given the amount of information and the ever expanding DNA data bases as well as Markov models for the genotype to phenotype expression, it would seem that it would be possible to implement something new. The browser was a DARPA creation or Netscape, I don't recall, but maybe both. By creating a Markov model it should be possible to look through the internet to an underlying sub matrix that represents the people themselves.

Each person has their experience and it is not so different though a bit spooky to consider that the physical person and their information might be abstracted as a "web page" which was well structured in parts like a wiki that was composed of their behavior , experience, skill, location as well as many other aspects.

When viewed in this way it would be possible to create a Google of the sub space that was the organic aspect of a computer node. In some ways this is already done by Google and others. They collect and order information for targeted ads, viral infection with bots, spreading their views, and many other purposes. The fingerprint of the person indicates their interests, activities and location.

It seems that it is far too late to consider anonymity in a situation where so much information is already captured and archived from decades of use. I am quite certain that marketing decisions reflect the same type of information that would allow assigning an interface type to each node in a routed system.

Many types of models have been created for law enforcement, military and commercial purposes that reflect relationships (links), public record (content), behavior (protocol) and so it seems that personality and expected response could also be determined. Polling and political manipulation acts on these factors and it would seem that it would become ever more possible to simply implement an appliance that served a purpose beyond observing and become an agent of change.

Not really my idea of a cool future, but if it is possible and produces profit or power, I am sure somebody has already begun designing it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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