I have found that doing what I wanted with python media interface and zim turned out to be quite simple as I can get a pdf from Wolfram alpha, reference to wikipedia, video from MIT, Harvard, UCLA, Yale and many others to clarify issues and get a clearer idea of the concepts involved and any new information that has changed in real time, like today. I was doing an analysis of Euler's method as well as RK2 and RK4. I can query Wolfram and get a pdf that is integrated, view the graphs, get extended information on the equations, add to a queue and get the wikipedia link as well. This can be integrated in a linked associated tree by adding the pages to zim using a shell script that I devised or even python.

As it get more integrated it becomes easier to consider a question and get a reasonable answer. As an example in the vein of what I considered in the last post, what if it was discovered that due to the inbreeding of the monarchs and the subsequent oligarchy that seems to exist, that people in power in many nations were riddled with genetic disorders from the combination of recessive genes. It would seem likely that those who prize their ancestry in the great houses of time would be the worst examples of genetic stock. In the case of the Egyptian culture it has been discovered that Tutankhamen was riddled with disease and genetic disorders for that same reason.

I would guess that as a result the combination of positions of power and the knowledge of their affliction would lead them to choose to further their own interests at the expense of humanity. Perhaps even to the end of all life. Many things that are vestigial artifacts of evolution continue to operate and these mechanisms were not designed to deal with a complex changing society. It is very effective to select a leader based on how wide they gape their mouth or the sharpness of their teeth if they are Hippos or jackals, but in a situation where technology is exploding it is the gaping mind that perhaps is the signal of dominance that should be respected.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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