Sliding on an EPR bridge

While working on a design for a gravity induced fusion drive I was thinking about what the reactor core would do to matter and it dawned on me that perhaps it would allow travel through a singularity when combined with inertial canceling. It is an idea that just creeps about the campfire of consciousness like scorpions in the desert.

It seems that the same technique would be better for exploring the nucleus of the atom also. Rather than smashing it like a grape with a hammer they should pull the thing apart like taking wings off a fly and at least then they would have a chance of understanding what is going on inside the nucleus. I suppose it is one of those circular things, if they understood physics it would be easy, but what they attempt is to get a clue and if they knew they wouldn't do it that way.

So anyway, I know they won't create a black hole or anything like it. It is all hype and though anti-matter can be stored and used to produce weapons of great destructive power, the existing biological, chemical and nuclear weapons are quite sufficient to destroy the planet as it is. I don't see any gain in the production of that which destroys. The universe is dangerous and chaotic enough to pose a serious enough threat to continuance. It does intrigue me to consider what might happen if I could create an controllable gradient artificial singularity at some time in the future, far from the solar system. I have some vague opinions about dimensional space of the high dimensions and it could be that something exists orthogonal to the known dimensions.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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